DFI coaches practice what they preach. As former competitive athletes themselves before they became professional coaches, they understand the trenches of training, competing, and grinding - and the sacrifice it takes to become a legitimate pro prospect.  


DFI athletes swiftly discover the 'DFI Difference' - each DFI 'virtual' coach is a part of this remarkable organization because they not only bring the best combination of knowledge, drive, but also deliver a deep desire to see the personal development of every player. Above all else - DFI coaches are passionate about empowering and challenging DFI athletes mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

In addition to the on-the-field coaching staffs required by each member franchise,  DFI deploys a team of virtual NFL experts, led by Commissioner Joel Williams and President Lynn Cain. These NFL voices are available to provide virtual coaching points to DFI players who are fighting to make the 'Top 10 DFI Prospects' leader board throughout the season.