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FOX Announces USFL Return, XFL-NFL Partnership? CFL Week 16 Preview | Episode 67 – The USFL Is BACK!

FOX Sports has officially announced the 2022 USFL launch and we have all the latest details including USFL league ownership, management and more. Prolific USFL author Jeff Pearlman joins us to break down the announcement and to give his thoughts and expertise as someone who documented the original USFL through his book – “Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL”. We break down the FOX Sports UFL press release and go through the latest additional rumors and questions involving the USFL and when we might have those answers.

We then preview/break down week 16 of the CFL season with Dave Dawson of Sports Spectrum and Aaron Korolnek of TSN Edge and TSN 1050 Toronto. How will the Toronto Argonauts fare heading into the East Division Finals? What more can be done by the BC Lions to get some growth out of this season? Are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers truly unstoppable? we tackle all of these questions and more in regards to the 2021 CFL season.

Aaron Korolnek also shares some insights into sports betting, CFL fantasy football and how the CFL league offices need to harness those new ways of thinking to help propel the CFL into growth in a new generation of fans.

The XFL is in the news as well, with both Taylor Heinicke and PJ Walker seeing starts for the Washington Football Team and the Carolina Panthers. We discuss the XFL’s plan to be “different” in 2023 compared to 2020 and whether or not an eventual partnership with the NFL makes sense. Fenway Sports Management is also back in the news with the rumored acquisition of the Pittsburg Penguins and we chat a little Fan Controlled Football thin-skinnedness.

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