DFI Commissioner: 'It's Our Time'

January 15, 2018

(INDIO) - DFI Commissioner Joel Williams said today that never has there been greater demand for a scalable American football developmental opportunity, and the real winners will be the players who will become not just better prospects, but better men.



"It's our time," said Commissioner Williams, himself an NFL veteran and former program director for the National Football League Players Association. "Of course, our member teams are going to be business incubators for players, staff, executives and every other vocation our sport has to offer. But our 'Above the Line' standard of quality will produce not just game-ready players, but life-ready men." 


Williams predicts DFI is infinitely attractive to "parent" teams, who could send recently waived, "on the bubble" prospects to DFI playing fields to stay game ready.


"Even in our upcoming soft launch (2018), with as few as three to four teams, affiliates could immediately benefit from keeping key positions ready," Commissioner Williams said. "We thoroughly investigated and incorporated NHL and MLB baselines into our model. Keep in mind it's not unusual for NHL teams to also share minor-league affiliates." 


The dilution of talent in the NFL has driven coaches crazy, says Williams, himself a former tight end and offensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins.  "With all the spread formations being used in college sending many of these youngsters to the pros without the fundamentals once taken for granted, DFI is going to impact the learning curve at all positions, especially at quarterback and offensive line." 



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