DFI Adds Lions Legend Doug English

(INDIO) - Former Detroit Lions star and University of Texas All-American Doug English has joined the Advisory Board of Developmental Football International LLC, where he will serve among other former NFL coaches and players in the nurturing of the league's pro prospects.

He is currently founder and president of PowerDrive Training Products, LLC, the next generation in football training equipment. English will assist DFI in its strategic planning and growth of developmental football across North America.

DFI's impact on available football talent is imperative, says English, who believes it can be done economically and effectively.

"The time for DFI is right now," he said. "It's the answer for the late bloomers. For many players, you can't shortcut this experience or education."

The former Longhorn won three Southwest Conference titles before being drafted in the second round by the Lions in 1975. English became a cornerstone of Detroit's feared 'Silver Rush' defensive line, opposite of Al 'Bubba' Baker.

His 59 career sacks are sixth all-time in Lions history - propelled him to four Pro Bowl appearances. In 2011, English was selected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

He is also president of the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in Austin, Texas, that raises funds for paralysis research to support therapy for hundreds of patients.

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