DFI Approves Saddleback Valley Rangers, Orange County For 2018 Expansion

(ORANGE COUNTY) – The Saddleback Valley Rangers sports leadership organization announced today they have partnered with Developmental Football International LLC (DFI) in the launch of a scalable franchise platform designed to produce 'Game-Ready Players' and 'Life-Ready Men ™.'

Chairman and Dr. Robbie Robbins, who teaches emergency cardiac care at the University of California Los Angeles, confirmed the Rangers organization and its applications have met DFI’s formal approval process for participation in fall 2018.

“The Saddleback Valley Rangers developmental football organization is dedicated to making a difference in our community,” said Dr. Robbins, as DFI officially expanded its footprint into Orange County. The Rangers will play its games at the Santa Ana Bowl, a 9,000-capacity stadium located downtown.

The nation’s sixth-largest county, Orange County is more populous than 21 states, and home to major tourism attractions Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

DFI, which notably includes the SoCal Coyotes, America's #1 Developmental Football Program™, will play an eight-game schedule, with additional playoffs this fall.

DFI executives acknowledge that up to a dozen more teams are currently in the intensive franchise application vetting process, and that as many as four more could be announced next week. Officials said the Rangers were approved after a thorough review by DFI of the owner's personal and business history, player development processes, technical abilities, fiscal responsibility, career trajectory, and social and civic responsibility. For the sake of parity and consistency, each owner must agree to zero tolerance and full compliance of DFI's suite of franchise operating guidelines. DFI heavily weighs an owner’s commitment to community integration.

In addition to developing elite pro football prospects, the “Ranger organization inspires positive change and enriches the lives of others through outreach programs, initiatives, and partnerships,” Mr. Robbins said. “We are proud to give back to the community, and anticipate they will support our mission moving forward.”

Aside from medicine, Dr. Robbins is also well known in the local high school circuit region as a premier passing coach. A former pro prospect himself, Robbins has tutored some of southern Orange County’s best skill players since 2013, with three of his quarterbacks becoming top college prospects.

In addition to Aliso Niguel High School, Dr. Robbins has served as a freshman head coach, JV head coach and varsity quarterbacks coach. He credits Hall of Fame high school coaching legend Roger Takahashi as a mentor, who encouraged him to build 7 on 7 feeder teams that won three championships.

Dr. Robbins created the first ‘club’ high school varsity 7 on 7 squad in Aliso Niguel High School history, and his squad competes with teams in Oregon, Hawaii, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

A Los Angeles native, Dr. Robbins grew up in Humble, a small town outside of Houston, Texas. After a brief playing career, he returned back to Los Angeles, where he practiced emergency medicine for 27 years.


TEAM COLORS are Columbia blue, scarlet and white.

THE NAME ‘RANGERS’ was selected by team officials because history shows that the early Texas Ranger had multicultural roots. Texas Ranger company rolls show that Anglos, Hispanics and American Indians served in all ranks from private to captain.

These men freely borrowed from each other’s' experience and equipment. While most had been born in the American South, many hailed from Ireland, Germany, Scotland and England and spoke with their native accents.

Early Rangers shot Spanish pistols, Tennessee and Kentucky rifles, carried Bowie knifes made in Sheffield England and rode swift Mexican ponies. One writer said that a Texas Ranger could "ride like a Mexican, trail like an Indian, shoot like a Tennessean, and fight like the devil."


DFI (developmentalfootball.com) is the first premier American developmental football organization engineered to cultivate the annual flow of 16,000 Division I, II, and III prospects, who must thread an NFL or CFL needle of opportunity that combined only turn over roughly 250 jobs each year. 'Above the Line' leadership development is a Chief Cornerstone of DFI, where becoming a "Game-Ready Player' also requires a 'Life-Ready Man™.' DFI teams all share the same contracts and policies, including those for Code of Conduct and Social Media. The league plays by NFL rules, with NFL-style uniforms, and teaching from veteran NFL coaches and players.

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