DFI Approves Philadelphia Freedom to Atlantic Coast Conference

(BALTIMORE) - The Philadelphia Freedom sports leadership organization announced today it has partnered with Developmental Football International LLC (DFI) in the launch of a scalable franchise platform designed to produce 'Game-Ready Players' and 'Life-Ready Men ™.'

Philadelphia became DFI’s third addition to its Atlantic Coast Conference, when the league confirmed that Will Hanna II, managing general partner of HMG Sports Marketing, has been approved for ownership.

The Freedom was created by HMG Sports Marketing, a firm noted for marketing and developing athletes.

DFI approval requires a thorough review of an owner’s personal and business history, player development processes, technical abilities, fiscal responsibility, career trajectory, and social and civic responsibility.

Mr. Hanna, who heads the non-profit New Park Heights Community Development Corporation, Inc., in Northwest Baltimore, served the Department of Justice for over a decade. He is a decorated Gulf combat veteran who also served 11 years in the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command.

The New Park Heights CDC, Inc. is credited with the founding of the Park Heights Merchants Association, with over 700 businesses in the community. The organization has also developed a faith-based coalition of over 70 churches and religious institutions.

The NPHCDC, Inc. also founded the very first affordable housing community land trust in the State of Maryland for the Park Heights community and is the trustee of The Baltimore City Affordable Housing Community Land Trust.

DFI, which notably includes the SoCal Coyotes, America's #1 Developmental Football Program™, will play an eight-game schedule, with additional playoffs, in fall 2018.

Philadelphia is the largest City in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and 6th largest populous area in the United States. The Philadelphia Freedom will play its inaugural, 2018 season at Lincoln Stadium in North Philadelphia, which seats approximately 2,500 people.

For the sake of parity, and consistency, DFI enforces zero tolerance policies and full compliance of DFI's suite of franchise operating guidelines. DFI heavily weighs an owner’s commitment to community integration.

HMG Sports has been an impressive catalyst in the development of athletes in the City of Philadelphia. Over the past 18 years, the company has had over 460 athletes at clients through its athlete management division, based in San Antonio, TX.

It works closely with the Philadelphia City Recreation and Parks, through which Freedom players and staff will implement DFI’s award-winning “Above the Line” program.

The Freedom have pledged to provide local student-athlete scholarships to prep athletes.

The Freedom will deliver not only a professional DFI program, but also the league's "Above the Line" program, which will "reignite a community in need of hope," Mr. Hanna said.

In addition to developing elite pro football prospects, the Freedom organization is “far more than football,” he added. “What we are doing impacts generations of young men and their families. We’re developing not only good athletes, but also great men.”

MORE ABOUT THE PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM The Philadelphia Freedom’s colors are red, white and blue in a replication of the flag of the United States. The team’s logo has an insert of an eagle, denoting the team’s dedication to our country.

The Philadelphia Freedom enters DFI as a premier developmental football organization. The Philadelphia Freedom will play its inaugural, 2018 season at Lincoln Stadium in North Philadelphia, which seats approximately 2,500 people.

The Philadelphia Freedom entire staff are all exemplary of the high moral standards of the league and making young men, “Ready Day One!”

HMG Sports is responsible for developing and advancing dozens of pro prospects to professional opportunities, the focal point of Mr. Hanna’s storied career. In 2016, Mr. Hanna was inducted into the Minor League Football Hall of Fame.

MORE ABOUT DFI DFI (developmentalfootball.com) is the first premier American developmental football organization engineered to cultivate the annual flow of 16,000 Division I, II, and III prospects, who must thread an NFL or CFL needle of opportunity that combined only turn over roughly 250 jobs each year.

'Above the Line' leadership development is a Chief Cornerstone of DFI, where becoming a "Game-Ready Player' also requires a 'Life-Ready Man™.'

DFI teams all share the same contracts and policies, including those for Code of Conduct and Social Media. The league plays by NFL rules, with NFL-style uniforms, and teaching from veteran NFL coaches and players.

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