(INDIO) – The SoCal Coyotes delivered their ‘Restore the Roar’ educational program recently at Indio Middle School to day-long, packed auditoriums of over a thousand Coachella Valley youth.

America’s #1 Developmental Pro Football Program was a conveyor belt of character, competence and connection, mixing an array of audio-visuals, highlights, awards, music and curriculum to challenge, entertain, reward and ignite students to new levels of leadership.

The Coachella Valley non-profit sports leadership organization fearlessly displayed their hard-hitting team captain and starting quarterback to teach their vaunted ‘Above the Line’ curriculum, complete with the Coyote Leadership Quiz.

Defensive end and Arizona State graduate Jake Sheffield, the Coyotes all-time sack leader (79), taught the ‘R Factor’ – Event + Response = Outcome.

“Good or bad, your actions are so loud we can’t hear what you’re saying,” said Sheffield, a U.S. Marine and veteran of two wars. “We are measured by our actions, not our intentions.”

SoCal Coyotes starting quarterback Michael Karls, who has led the Coyotes to two of their five titles, taught students the importance of mental discipline.

“Change the conversation in your head,” Karls said. At the close, Hall of Fame head coach J David Miller bared the Coyotes hearts.

“We’re here today because you are the valley’s future, and we love you,” said the three-time coach of the year. “There is no such thing as success unless we can demonstrate and duplicate the process in the lives of others.”

In its sixth year and 11th season, the non-profit sports leadership organization touches 30,000 youth annually through clinics, camps, workshops and symposiums.

All Coyote programs encourage youth to engage in 60 minutes of daily reading. Custom Coyote curriculum typically covers the top (3) core subjects in schools – Math, English and Science, and is administered in-person by visiting role-model athletes, who engage and encourage students to read more and read better.

The Coyotes leadership symposiums are packed with practical wisdom and inspiration, including step-by-step direction on how relationships of trust are built to lead a life of significance.

The standard and award-winning Coyote Leadership Quiz™ is distributed annually across an array of youth platforms that cover all genders, ages, races, and socio-economic barriers.

SWAT Fuel, Inc., an international Thousand Palms-based nutrition company that produces professional grade consumer supplements, is another Coyote partner on board for the “Restore the Roar” crusade. SWAT ( is distributing funds to 10 Coachella Valley schools for assets and resources that challenge students to read and learn.

O’Linn Security is the #1 security choice in the Coachella Valley for over 30-years. They provide security of all types ranging from individual private security to large events; armed and unarmed, gated and patrol. O’linn Security is a major advocate of school safety, in addition to encouraging students to fully embrace the Coyotes ‘READ 60’ and ‘Above the Line’ programs and curriculum.

DISCOVER how The Pro Football Educator, operated by former Denver Broncos GM and two-time Super Bowl winner Ted Sundquist, selected the SoCal Coyotes as America’s #1 Developmental Pro Football Program. Visit

FAITH, FAMILY, FOOTBALL is the real mission of the Coyotes – and not surprisingly, something that dates back to the great Vince Lombardi in 1959. More than game tape. More than a weight room. More than a 40 time. The Coyote mission of ‘Building Champions, Building Men™’ reaches far beyond the actual gridiron, deep into the development of young athletes as fathers, husbands, and men.

SEVENTY PLAYERS EACH YEAR earn the distinction to ‘Defend the Shield™’ in the uniform of the SoCal Coyotes. Many will earn a shot with NFL, CFL or AFL opportunities, or graduate into business careers.

For more information, email SVP Ron DiGrandi at

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