AT TIM LESTER'S KENTUCKY HALL OF FAME induction are (ltr): Jon Beason, Jerome Bettis, Tim Lester, Alan Brock, Tim Allen and Manny Smith.

(INDIO, CA) – Developmental Football International LLC has appointed Timothy Allen to its advisory board and senior management team, in preparation for the league’s aggressive 2019 national expansion plans.

Mr. Allen will work directly with DFI Commissioner Joel Williams and Chief Strategy Officer David G. Kinney in the league’s over-arching roll-out of its scalable developmental community pro football franchise program, which has targeted 100 communities for 100 teams in 60 months, beginning January 2019.

Commissioner Williams praised Mr. Allen as “a doer.” The Commissioner noted that Mr. Allen and his affiliated companies “have performed for decades,” across a number of diverse sectors.

“Our league took into strong consideration Mr. Allen’s agility to quarterback an array of projects that required creative structuring, from goal-line to goal-line,” Commissioner Williams said. “Throughout his career, Tim has been noted for his integrity, his ability to provide safe and fair returns, and to help countless others through his faith, love for family, and of course, football.”

DFI’s current 2018 fall season marks the final year of ‘proof of concept’ for the league. Mr. Allen will spend the remainder of the calendar year creating, structuring and sourcing private transactions for the future of DFI.

Mr. Allen brings a steep track record to DFI. His affiliated companies have delivered private investment management products that have impacted an array of diverse sectors, including stock, mutual, and hedge fund investment management, commercial real estate investment, commercial secured mortgage lending, mezzanine financing, private equity and corporate acquisitions.

Mr. Allen’s interest in Investments started in 1990 when he met John W. Henry while he was attending College. Mr. Henry’s investment management company specialized in the trading of futures and commodity contracts in Westport, CT. After serving as an intern with John W Henry and Co, Mr. Allen sought to understand the broader concepts of investment management, beyond the futures market.

This desire led to Mr. Allen’s admission into the management-training program at Morgan Stanley. Within three years of joining the Morgan Stanley training program, Mr. Allen achieved vice president status. At this point, Mr. Allen’s entrepreneurship began when he was awarded the opportunity to own, operate and manage a branch office of Raymond James in 1998. He managed an office of 25 Investment Advisors.

In 1999, Mr. Allen was named to the Raymond James Executive Council, and the following year was named to the President’s Council. In 2001, he became a member of the Raymond James Chairman’s Council, representing the top twenty-five representatives in the firm. In 2003, Mr. Allen sought to bring his entrepreneurship to the next level by opening his own NASD/FINRA Broker Dealer, Allen Konrad Asset Management (AKAM.)

He held the position of President and CEO of the company up until he sold his interest to his partner in 2006.

With Mr. Allen as manager and general partner, numerous corporations felt the impact of his agility to establish, create, and source financing. An example of Mr. Allen’s diversity, across a variety of financial instruments, include:

  • Allen Konrad Income Investors LP. In October 2004, AK acquired a 203,000-square-foot commercial property, in conjunction with Compson Development, for $38 million. AK provided $4 million of the $7.5 million required equity and borrowed 31.5 million. The property served as the corporate headquarters for Toll Brothers and was purchased from them and subsequently leased back to them on a triple net lease. AK sold the property in November 2006 and upon disposition of the property, the project had an IRR of 38%.

  • Allen Konrad Capital Appreciation Investors II LLC. In June 2005, AK provided Home Dynamics, a residential development company, with mezzanine financing in connection with a real estate development in Naples, Florida known as Vanderbilt Isles.

  • Allen Konrad Private Equity Investors LLC. In August 2005, AK provided an equity investment of $2.7 million in the form of preferred stock to Ceannate Companies, with contracts with the U.S. Department of Education, and other government organizations, to provide debt collection of student loans and other receivable management functions. Mr. Allen served on the Board of Directors.

  • Allen Konrad Capital Appreciation III LLC. In March 2006, AK invested $7 million in equity and borrowed $42 million to acquire an existing 306-unit apartment complex on Marina Mile in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Partnering with Metro Real Estate Group in Florida.

  • Allen Konrad Meridian Redevelopment Value Fund. In 2006, AK raised $21 million to partner with Meridian Capital Development and created a closed real estate investment fund. The focus of this partnership is to utilize the skills and experience of the principals of Meridian to identify, qualify, structure, acquire, develop, manage, and sell undervalued properties.

  • Allen Konrad Private Equity II. AK facilitated a capital investment of $2.2 million to Healthcare Capital Services, a company that provides medical equipment leasing to hospitals and other healthcare equipment providers.

  • Emerald Hybrid I. The Emerald Hybrid was created in association with Emerald Asset Advisors. This fund utilized an alternative Investment strategy to achieve consistent capital appreciation and above market rates of returns, while reducing the impact of market volatility. Mr. Allen has been a private investor and has worked as a consultant for the last 16 years.

Currently, Mr. Allen is a senior executive with Richmond Honan, an Alpharetta, Ga.-based medical office campus developer. Mr. Allen has been married for 24 years and has five children. He moved his family from Florida to Atlanta in 2017.

He is the father of Jake Allen, who in 2016 was the 23rd-ranked quarterback in the nation, out of St. Thomas Aquinas High School. This past spring, Jake transferred from the University of Florida, to Dartmouth College of the Ivy League.

He is a founding board member of the Boca Raton Pop Warner and Little League, where he has also served as a coach. Mr. Allen is now active in youth sports coaching in Atlanta.

ABOUT DEVELOPMENTAL FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL DFI is the first American developmental football organization engineered to cultivate the annual flow of 16,000 Division I, II, and III prospects. It is the first turn-key franchise platform to develop elite athletes who are attempting to thread a needle of opportunity in their personal and professional lives.

DFI refines and showcases player skills through trademarked processes similar to the NBA's D-league and MLB's minor-league systems. DFI franchises share scalable brands, policies and procedures, verifiable data, and deliver measurable results.

The league plays by NFL rules, with NFL-style uniforms, and oversight from former NFL executives, coaches and players. 'Above the Line' leadership development is a Chief Cornerstone of DFI, where becoming a "Game-Ready Player' also requires prospects to be a 'Life-Ready Man™.'

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