Are You Above The Line?  Seven Core Principles of DFI

"The performance of a person or a team rises or falls on behavior. Winning behavior is intentional, on purpose and skillful. It is always Above the Line. Above the Line behavior is conscious and thoughtful - a choice made in alignment with your larger vision or where you want to go." 


The defining characteristic of every champion is leadership.  Leadership is influence, based on the trust you earn. Every practice, every meeting, every-day life, DFI builds 'Above the Line' leaders - Skillful, Intentional, On-Purpose, Driven - who are equipped, instructed and engineered to give it all they've got.

In every DFI market, our staffs, players and coaches share our program throughout their communities, and it all begins with a 50-question Above the Line Leadership Quiz. This includes questions like 'Did you make your bed this morning?' … 'Do you do things without being asked or told?' … 'Do you initiate positive outcomes?' … We call these 'little victories' that begin each morning, the moment you awake. 


Little victories boost our confidence. Little victories play a major role in dealing with stress, or overcoming challenges. Little victories are significant building blocks of leadership. 

Why? Because leaders are learners. Leadership is a skill, and like all skills, it takes time and effort to develop your conscience, develop a winning mindset where you refuse to 'round it off.' 

Average leaders stick a quote on their refrigerator. Good leaders might have a plan. But exceptional leaders run a system. DFI provides every person and player in its influence an in-depth, life-changing system that will keep you, every single day, Above the Line in all that you act, think and do 

It all starts with Clarity of Purpose. 

Think hard. Ask yourself right now, "What, exactly, is it that I am after every day?" 

It’s always easier to be impulsive, on autopilot and resistant. But ‘Below the Line’ is dangerous, because it’s comfortable and convenient. It is the path of least resistance. Below the Line behavior is directed by impulse or the gravitational pull of old habits; you just react without thinking. Below the Line is your default response. It isn’t hard to find people who are caught up in Below the Line behavior. All you need to do is look for those whose first reaction is to blame (others), complain (about circumstances), and MAKE EXCUSES (yourself) or BCE.

DFI believes that the first steps toward a dynamic life are to ruthlessly eliminate blaming, complaining and excuses.