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(PALM SPRINGS, Ca.) - Teams selected for 2022 play in the LDFL-DFI partnership held their first in-person owners meeting of the year Saturday when they gathered at the posh Mountain View clubhouse at the Desert Princess Championship Golf Resort.

It was the first public conference between the LaBelle Developmental Football League (LDFL) founder Tony Reid and Developmental Football International (DFI) founder J David Miller.

Member teams were treated to a gourmet meal of filet mignon and jumbo prawns. Immediately afterward, Saturday’s meeting became historically noteworthy with an array of precedent-setting announcements.

Most notable: Due to the ‘elite competitive status’ of the LDFL-DFI teams, as many as three of the league’s four teams will qualify for national playoff tournament participation.

The national tournament is operated by the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL), and takes place after the conclusion of the LDFL-DFI playoffs and championship.

The LDFL-DFI will play by NFL rules and features the Inglewood Blackhawks, Santa Clarita Valley Tigers, San Diego Silverbacks and The SoCal Coyotes.

To further manage expectations, league owners agreed to strict policies and procedures designed to clean up the game, increase competition and create parity.

Such efforts will also significantly streamline and enhance the game-day experience for fans, primarily families, Coach Reid said.

Noteworthy examples include:

  • All teams are required to use HUDL to manage and cross-reference player rosters and team statistics;

  • All teams must exchange most recent game film In an effort to create parity and increase the level of competition;

  • Game film is currency; no players are paid to play;

  • All teams agreed to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct, which includes respectable social media policing, and standing for the national anthem.

  • All teams agreed to NFL rules for game uniforms, including league-issued over-the-knee game socks;

  • All teams agreed to zero tolerance for fighting and abusive language.

  • All teams agreed to ban inappropriate language to enhance the family experience.

“Football is ultimately a business, and as in any successful business the most important ingredients are a sound culture, a realistic plan, strong leadership, and a talented workforce,” said Coach Miller. “We have a unique group of owners who check every box.”

Jerrold Rhodes, co-owner of the Santa Clarita Valley Tigers, was inspired by the collective league blueprint. “We have an opportunity to own this level of football,” he said. “It’s powerful to see everyone on the same page.”

In November 2021 the LDFL entered into a landmark joint-venture with DFI. The partnership supports LDFL member clubs with the full suite of high-growth infrastructure, resources, benefits and expertise the DFI platform provides.

-Scott Alvarez

General Manager, The SoCal Coyotes


DFI is the first American developmental football organization engineered to cultivate the annual flow of 16,000 Division I, II, and III prospects. It is the first turn-key franchise platform to develop elite athletes who are attempting to thread an NFL/CFL needle of opportunity.

Faith, Family, Football™ and ‘Above the Line™ ‘ leadership development is a Chief Cornerstone of DFI, where becoming a “Game-Ready Player’ also requires prospects to be a ‘Life-Ready Man™.’

Through community groups, community awareness, community involvement, and a professional approach on and off the field, the LaBelle Developmental Football League provides quality sports entertainment for its communities. The LDFL provides a competitive platform for young men to earn quality game film with the possibility to graduate to the next level of paid professional football.


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